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Hajduszoboslo Medicinal Spa:is open continuously from 7.00 to 19.00 all year round.
In addition to the 3 internal pools filled with medicinal water, 4 more open air pools with several effects are at disposal for guests.
Bath Hajduszoboszlo controlled and approved medicinal water is the base for more than 40 different treatment which are available under medical supervision. In Thermalbath Hajduszoboszlo You can choose underwater weight bath, underwater jet massage, medical exercise, inhalation, mud treatment, different manual massages, soft laser, all the forms of electro magnetho and light therapy. Health care program in Hajduszoboszlo thermal bath offers sauna, solarium, fitness and manager cure for the guests. Splash lovers will delight in spending pleasant hours on the wide variety of new slides in funbath-spa of Hajdusoboslo Bath, Hungarospa. Numerous entertaining events - funbath - will complete your spa experience.

List of entrance forms, prices 2008 in (EURO):

Entrance fee (to 31.05.2008)- 4,5 €; Entrance fee (from 01.06.2008)-5 €;
Discounted entrace fee (for children)- 3,7 €; Entrance fee after 16.00-3,3 €;
Entrance fee for two times a day (to 31.05.2008)- 6,7 €;
Entrance fee for two times a day (from 01.06.2008)-7 €;
Discounted entrance fee for two times a day – 5,8 €;
Weekly entrance fee (to 31.05.2008)- 27,5 €;
Weekly entrance fee (from 01.06.2008)- 30 €;
Weekly entrance fee/ for two times a day (to 31.05.2008)- 40 €;
Weekly entrance fee/ for two times a day (from 01.06.2008)- 42,5 €;
Weekly discounted entrance fee- 22,5 €;
Weekly discounted entrance fee/ for two times a day- 35 €;
Dressing room for 1 day – 4 €; for 7 days – 22,5 €;

Address of Spa: Hungary H-4200 Hajdúszoboszló, Szent István park 1-3
. For information call: +36-52/558-558
Fax: +36-52/360-039

Join us in Europe's largest spa complex!

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