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It looks like that Hungary was created specially for the tourism.

Hungary abounds in architectural monuments, variety of the natural landscape, thermal springs gushing from underground.

Here you might enjoy relaxation in the thermal baths and bask in sun on the beaches of the Balaton lake, the largest in the Central Europe.
The reserves of wild nature are scattered everywhere in the country: warm water lake Hévíz, national parks (Agtelek, Köros-Maros, Kiskunslág), caves, entered in the UNESCO list of “Mankind World heritage“, underground lakes in Tapolce, modern aqua parks and etc.

Along with the wild nature, spicy cuisine, sparkling wine and lively music in Hungary you may indulge in sightseeing of numerous historical monuments. Hungary can boast of 1 260 galleries, museums and exhibition halls while 225 of them are located in Budapest. You will see Budapest graced by the tracery bridges, Rome-age walls Aquincum, Dudaj fortress and hundreds of other masterpieces of architecture what duly makes this city one of the most beautiful city in the world. Divided into two parts by “the most European“ river Danube Budapest embodies the grandness and tranquility of the monuments intertwined with the explosive energy of the Hungarians plunging you in the atmosphere of revelry and gaiety.

Hungary as the fairy tale country of the castles, delicious cuisine and fragrant wines for its long history has sustained Mongol - Tatar invasion, Turkey dominance and prosperity as the part of the Habsburg empire.

The historical heritage presented in the castles, fortresses, palaces and estates many of which nowadays are transferred into the luxurious hotels.

Making the trip over Hungary you will see all of them!

We offer to have a look into the history of Hungary, to get acquainted with the historical monuments of this gorgeous country, to relax in the thermal water pools and modern aqua parks, to taste the Tokai wines, to relish the Hungarian meals. Overall mentioned we tried to include into the tours over Hungary.

If you are a quite experienced traveler and you‘d like to have the tour arranged up to you special liking we are glad to make any amendments in any tours as you wish!

We provide the individual and group transfers to any destination in Hungary!

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