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Welcome to Transcarpathia!

Welcome to the fairy “silver“ land abounds in forests and gardens, vineyards and scenery mountains, green lush valleys and salubrious mineral springs!

Transcarpathia is one of the most magnificent regions of Ukraine which stand out by its eventful history and unique cultural heritage.

High mountainous valleys and Hutzul Alps, castles and wooden churches, Sinevir Lake and the valley of narcissus, the museum of folk architecture of rural life style will ingrain deeply into the memory of every visitor.

Recreation in Transcarpathia is the recreation in the very heart of the Europe. The geographical centre of Europe is located in Transcrpathia in Rakhovsky district while the biggest cities as Uzhgorod and Mukachevo are rightly considered the European cities endowed by “rich“ history.

The unique geographical location of Transcarpathia conditions the moderately continental climate since the high mountains shield it against the cold north winds. Summer is warm while the winter is quite mild.

Transcarpathia is the venue for the any recreation indulged in any season!

The fans of “active type” recreations, history and art connoisseurs, gourmets and wine lovers will enjoy spending here time.

However the main wealth of Transcarpathia is the people. Open hearted and unassuming they embody hospitality!

“Camellia-tour“ invites you to Transcarpathia. We shall do our utmost for making your trip pleasant.

It is better to see once that …

Uzhgorod in spring!
It is the season when all streets, squares and parks plunge in pink mist of blossoms of Japanese sakura trees, magnolia and white chestnuts trees.

The longest linden trees alley in Europe!
The Nezalezhnosti embankment was planted by the different species of the linden trees in 1928 by Czech biologists, due to that trees start blooming not simultaneously but “in turn“, thus the delicate beauty of linden blossom fills the air practically during whole summer time!

Transcarpathian Museum of Local Lore!
It is housed in the premises of Uzhgorod castle. The artifacts exhibited in 30 rooms. The museum stock has in possession over 100 thousand of artifacts

Sinevir lake!
It is one of the most picturesque highly mountainous lakes in Transcarpathia of glacial origin situated at the altitude of 989m of the total floor space 7 ha.

The geographical centre of Europe!
The geographical centre of Europe is located in Transcarpathia, in Rakhivsky district, where the symbolic monument was erected whereon it is inscribed: “Perpetual, Precise and Eternal place”!

Narcissus valley is the only place in Ukraine and the CIS countries where the wild narcissus grow.

Above listed “germs” are included in our tours.

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