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  • regular transfers to the mountain skiing facilities located in: High and Low Tatry, district of Žilina and Bardejeov etc;
  • transfers to Hungary: to the cities of Budapest, Miskolc, Debrecen etc;
  • tranfers to Croatia and Montenegrin (the prices will be charged as the order be placed);
  • transfers to Transcarpathian region and Ukraine;

Available vans:

MERCEDES-SPRINTER: 8 seats + 1, audio, DVD, microphone;

OPEL VIVARO: 7 seats + 1, aircondition, audio, microphone;

Tentetive transfer prices on routes:

From To Cost charged for group of
1-9 persons, $
Uzhgorod Košice 100
Uzhgorod Bratislava 300
Uzhgorod Bardejov 120
Uzhgorod Vysoké Tatry (High Tatry) 150
Uzhgorod Nizké Tatry (Law Tatry) 200
Uzhgorod District of Žilina 250
Uzhgorod Budapest 220
Uzhgorod Debrecen 120
Uzhgorod Miskolc 120
Uzhgorod L’vov 180
Uzhgorod Lutsk 340
Uzhgorod Ternopil 280
Uzhgorod Ivano-Frankivsk 220
Uzhgorod Odessa 700
Uzhgorod Rakhiv 150

The price includes:
  • picking up at the air or railway terminal and transfer to the place of destination (one way trip);
  • The prices are charged in USA dollars;
  • The prices are tentative;
  • By placing the order they may be specified

Tel/fax.: +38 (0312) 63-08-53, tel.: +38 050 548-91-16, +38 050 570-44-52 office@camellia-tour.com