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We’d like to introduce ourself!
Would you are wrecked by urban bustles and noise, exhausted by destructive stresses and excessive dynamism, would you look for the hermitage where may retire from the pressure of civilization, the place where you can get together with your family, where you indulge in chattering with your friends…. To find such place for your retreat is our business! It is the work we enjoy doing and do our utmost to make it efficiently. Our agency has operated at the tourism market since 1995, for the time of our activity we have succeeded to gain the reputation of careful, solicitous and sustainable tour guide.
The principal venues of tours are:
  • Transcarpathia;
  • Hungary;
  • Slovakia;
The type of tourism:
Green tourism, accommodation in the estates in the countryside in the city of Uzhgorod and Transcarpathia

  • Transfers;
  • Insurance;
  • Guide-interpreters;
  • Arrangements of the tours for the foreign tourists over the Western Ukraine;
One of the principal activities of our agency is reception of the tourists in the city of Uzhgorod. Uzhgorod and Transcarpathian region are magnificent in any season! Every year we upgrade our tours, diversify them by innovations. We arrange the individual and groups tours over Transcarpathia, Hungary, Slovakia conducted in Russian, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Slovak, Polish and English languages. We provide the transfers for the individual tourists and groups. Perfect services, flexible prices, attention lavished on every tourist!

With best regards,

Valeriy Shevchenko

Edita Tovt

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